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We provide energy brokers a simple way to get organized, provide lower prices, and maximize commissions.

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Robust CRM & Pricing Technology Platform

Simple is the first word to describe out CRM platform. Transform your organizational structure with the most detailed user platform in the industry. Our platform allows its users to access pricing quickly and speed up the sales process. Keep your information safe and up to date with SweetSpots.

Transparent & Upfront

Commission Plans

Clear payment terms are always at the forefront of growing a successful sales organization. We make sure that dates are not missed, your payment terms are clear, and future commissions amounts are there for you and your organization to see.

Fully Automated

Marketing & Reporting

Market Analysis and Reporting is key when prospecting, presenting, and closing a sale. Our platform helps you send market information with a push of the button. Our proposal builder will make your offer letters more sophisticated and result in a better closing percentage.

Premium Suppliers 

with Discounted Pricing

A Premium supplier relationship is not easy to come by. Most online platforms and brokers spread themselves thin by keeping so may suppliers. We keep long standing relationships and funnel our business to the top suppliers in the industry. In return we get lower pricing, better payment terms, and bonuses that aren't offered to everyone. Ask about our 1 mill matrix cushion.

National Territory Footprint

Our Premium Supplier Relationships help you become licensed every where you need to be. Process a deal anywhere in any deregulated area and use the relationships that you have built to grow your organization.


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