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Our energy broker platform gives you control over your accounts, pricing, commissions, reporting, and more.

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1. Get Set-Up

Getting your business set-up on the SweetSpots platform

takes about 1 week depending on the size of your existing customer base. Once your account is activated, you are live and ready to start closing deals. 

  • Existing customer data is loaded into SweetSpots

  • Your business information is on-boarded

  • Your white label platform is set-up

  • SweetSpots Matrix Pricing App

  • SweetSpots Custom Price App

  • Reverse Auctions and RFPs

2. Start Pricing

Once you are fully on-boarded, you can begin pricing new deals. For smaller accounts, you can use the SweetSpots Matrix Pricing App that auto-sorts matrix pricing. For larger deals, you can use the SweetSpots Custom Pricing App that allows you to initiate RFP's and schedule reverse auctions. 

3. Start Closing

With auto-filled contracts and quick custom pricing turnaround, you will be closing deals in no time. The SweetSpots team is an email or phone call away to help you in the closing process. 

  • SweetSpots Support Team

  • Auto-filled contracts

  • eSign integration

  • SweetSpots Verification Team

  • Phone and Text verification

  • Confirmation emails

4. Get Verified

The SweetSpots Support Team helps you to verify each and every contract to protect you and your customers. This helps validate your contracts and allows you to get paid quickly and correctly. 

5. Get Paid

With the fastest and most transparent commissions in the energy industry, SweetSpots prides itself on paying our brokers on time, every time. Nothing helps a business run smoother than knowing you and your agents can count on reliable, accurate payments.

  • SweetSpots direct deposit

  • Upfront, advanced commissions

  • Weekly commissions

  • Broker commission statements

  • Agent payment statements and reports

  • Text and mail marketing

6. Report and Retain

The SweetSpots platform allows you to run robust reports on your customer base, commissions, and supplier payments. We also have a fully-automated marketing system to help you retain your customers and to keep them renewing. 

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